Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Top 10 Netbeans IDE Java Editor Shortcuts. Required for Daily Editor Usage.

These are my top 10 basic Netbeans Java Editor shortcuts that I use all the time everyday.
Hope it helps you increase your productivity.

1. Commenting. (This works in all Standard IDE editors, not just the Java editor). The commenting works regardless of the language, it will comment it appropriately. You can try it in the css editor or the XML editor

If no text is selected, the current line is commented appropriately.

2.Duplicate Current line.

3.Find implementation of an interface
With the cursor on the name of the interface,

When the list turns up, you can just click to open that class or use the keyboard to select and press enter

4. Fix Imports

5. Open class by name

Supports Camel case search and wildcards
To open any Resource ie css, html, text file use


if no code is selected, the whole class file is formatted.
The formatting is controlled from that specified in Tools -> Options -> Editor -> Formatting

7.Rename a variable, class or method

8. Insert Some code.
This is one of the most used shortcut. Loads of options just appear when pressed.
The best way to utilise them is to generate getters and setters. declare all those properties,
and then press ALT+INSERT(Insert Key on the keyboard)
It works in a lot of editors, for example, in the html editor, you can easily generate Lorem Ipsum place holder.

9. Toggle Bookmark.
This helps when your file is very large and you keep scrolling up and down.

If the line is bookmarked already, the bookmark is removed and vice versa

10. Navigate bookmarks.
You can easily jump between bookmarks by pressing

Coming up next, Letting the IDE do the unnecessary typing. Stay tuned


arindam said...

It's pretty useful...

arindam said...

Nice and useful article... just to add more spice :))

For searching any text CTRL + SHIFT + F ....

Good job!!!