Friday, 13 August 2010

Is Oracle sinking the Java Boat? Please think of us too

A lot of people were wary with the Oracle Acquisition of Sun. For me, I was disappointed Sun was not acquired by a much more open source company. Oracle doesn't do open source with the heart and commitment Sun did. That is a fact!

The problem started becoming apparent when the big java people started leaving or walking away. That meant these guys were not comfortable in their new home.

Then it was followed by Oracle dropping some Sun products including the Sun Webspace server , project wonderland etc.

Then came Netbeans scaling down. In the new Netbeans 6.10 document, the only thing you read is performance and support for Oracle specific products. Nothing substantial to increase adoption or popularity.

Then finally Oracle is sending Google, a prominent Java shop, to the courts. Imagine all those frameworks and technologies Google has developed. What does oracle intend to acheive? More Money? Scare away big companies from Java? Or just Kill Java?

Who knows whats next?? Time for some Consipracy Theories.

My Message to Oracle
When making these decisions, think of the Millions of people who make a daily bread because they are able to write in Java and think of all those companies who employ them. If these companies fear to use Java, a lot of people will not be able to feed their families.

Please think of the Java Community! Please DO!


arindam said...

Hope Oracle won't win this battle

gorlok said...

Oracle is shooting their own feet. Oracle already lost with this move, even if Oracle wins this battle.