Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wow, Netbeans Rocks! Now I understand why the hype

Recently there have been articles where new discovers of Netbeans have gone on to write articles about how cool the IDE does this and does that.

For someone who have been using netbeans on a daily basis EVERYDAY for the past four years, I found those articles to be generally boring as their new discoveries are things I have been using on a minute by minute basis for ages. To me they sounded sooo

Anyway, at work, everyone uses Eclipse but I refuse to budge so still use Netbeans with the checkstyle plugin so I don't get done for code formatting and it all works smoothly once you setup you editor options. The ecosystem is just perfect. By the power of maven, I don't even touch the eclipse plugin in netbeans. Its all smooth.

However, one thing they always get me on is the eclipse shortcut "CTRL + SHIFT + T". Every eclipse guy knows it. At first I was a bit frustrated so I resorted to the netbeans Quick Search(CTRL + I) but its quite slow so they always moaned during code review as that circle thing kept turning and never brought the class.

Then I discovered the actual netbeans equivalent of "CTRL+SHIFT+T" was actually easy to use. It is "CTRL + O". Wow. Its even shorter that theirs. So these days during code review, I just go "CTRL + O" and there the class is. To even impress them, I just use the capital letters in the class name so for example for "CodeReviewModel", I just go "CRM" and there the class is. Wow!

Then they will go in which project is that class. There I am, stuck so I hover over the filename at the top of the editor and find the filepath and from there I deduce the Project.

Then today it struct me. What is that "Select in" thing at the bottom of the right click menu? It usually was Code folds so you can minimize the size of the file if it was 3000 lines.

I rightclicked again and there it was. I can select the file from the project, file and even in favourites!. Now, that is COOL!
To make it even COOLER, its got shortcuts! "CTRL + SHIFT + 1 " does make it soooooo simple.

I am no new user to netbeans. I even have Netbeans Platform Applications and plugins I have developed, but today am totally impressed I just thought I will let the whole world know, NETBEANS ROCKS!!

NB: I use Netbeans 6.8, the official release at the time of this writing.


Rudi said...

To have the eclipse keybindings, you only need to switch in the properties the keymap to the eclipse profile. And then you'll have all the eclipse shortcuts.

cameo said...

@Rudi..Wow. Thanks for that. I'm not an eclipse user but will let my eclipse guys know. I like the fact that I can do whatever the eclipse guys do with their IDE without having to use it. I'm impressed!

realcnbs said...

Also you could try CTRL + SHIFT + 2 and CTRL + SHIFT + 3 :)

at said...

You have coworkers that you can impress by doing what they done all the time??

I82Much said...

I didn't know about that Ctrl+O shortcut. Thanks.

Neil's netbeans stuff said...

I have been a netbeans user since v3 and didnt know about that short cut either, thanks for the tip.

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