Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A ride with JavaFX

In my research for a client side technology to use for a pet project, I just typed "new Applets" having read from somewhere that applets are being revisited. I found this video on youtube,
Applets reloaded which was very long but very insightful. From there, I decided to look into javaFX, the sun-flash lol.

This morning I took a ride with javaFX from this tutorial
Creating A Simple JavaFX Application Using NetBeans IDE . I screwed up a bit with the system requirements, getting the jdk6u10 and stuff, but it has left a very good taste in my mouth. It was very good. The tutorial was long but the author assumed you sitting on his lap. Very good tutorial.
Now I will explore JavaFX more and turn into an expert as its a futuristic technology, that promises a lot.

To see what I did, click here

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